Here We Go!

A handy flowchart that shows just how much there is to metal and hard rock

Alright. First blog. First post. For a while I’ve been planning when to take the first step to my dreams of becoming a music journalist. I finally decided that there’s no better time than the present! I should make a note that I may not be able to update every single day as I am a full-time college student and I am still getting used to my new life here. While I am starting out, I will probably keep the posts to once a week. Let me go ahead and tell you can expect to see:

Judging from the blog name and my heading, you can probably guess I plan to write mainly about hard rock and heavy metal music although I may make connections to other genres and music forms. Posts will include what’s going on in the music world, album or single reviews, recommendations of bands, concert reviews, movie reviews, and book reviews. At the same time, I am extremely interested in looking at music through different lenses and will connect hard rock and heavy metal to topics such as Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, etc. By doing this I hope to expand my knowledge and that of you, my readers. I will “interview” others who listen to this style of music in order to make my articles less biased and well researched. Of course I would love to hear your thoughts and all posts will be open to discussion, feedback, and debate! On that note, I expect everyone’s opinions will be respected. If you are unnecessarily rude without any actual contribution, your comment will be deleted by me.

Thanks for reading the intro to my blog! Here’s to a year full of great music and great blogging!



~ by metalosophy on January 19, 2011.

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