Metal As a Community

Today’s theme for Blogfest is Community. I had no trouble in figuring out a connection to metal for this one! Music in itself often breeds different types of communities. The metal community, however, is one of the most noticeable. Even bands have their own communities amongst their fans (Ex. The Kiss Army). You’ve probably heard of members of the metal community being referred to as metalheads, thrashers or headbangers.

The metal community differs from other musical communities in that it seems to be the most marginalized. As a result there are many stereotypes perpetuated. People view those who are members of the metal community as angry, hateful, anti-authoritarian, exclusive and violent. Being a metal music fan and having many friends who are also fans, I can honestly say this is not the case for all listeners. I would not describe myself as being any of those things. I very much enjoy helping others, treating all people equally, considering other people’s viewpoints, and being accepting. That being said, I also realize that unfortunately there are metal listeners who act in the stereotypical fashion. An example of this would be the church burnings and murders that occur far too often in countries like Norway. This kind of behavior is usually prevalent in the black metal scene.

For those wanting to learn more about the metal community a movie that I would recommend is Sam Dunn’s Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. In this documentary, Dunn travels the world to talk to those involved in the metal community including bands, fans, and experts. One of his goals is to find out why metal is so loved by its listeners. Check it out sometime!



~ by metalosophy on March 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Metal As a Community”

  1. I just stumbled upon this blog in the tag surfer thingy. Just the other day I wrote a blog on a similar topic of metal being considered evil.
    One of the great thing about metal is the community. I know this will sound a bit bias because I am a metal fan and a member of the community, but you will never find a group of people as passionate about their music more than metalheads. To me metal is more than just music, it’s a credo, a lifestyle. I’m more than proud to call myself a metalhead :)
    Nice post, I’ll be checking out more of your blog now.
    Peace, Love, and Metal

  2. Well I’m glad you found it! After all, that’s what the tag surfing application is all about. I definitely agree that we’re some of the most musically passionate people. Thanks for the subscription and I will read your posts as well!

  3. You are so right about the community of metal. Just wearing a metal shirt let’s people know what you are all about…at least to other metalheads. I think Jazz musicians and fans might be a close second to metal in being passionate about music. There is nothing like metal though. Nice blog; I can’t wait to see more posts.

  4. […] Blogfest Day 2: My Communities This post is part of Blogfest 2012 sponsored by my school. Everyday this week there will be a new post with a different theme. I did a similar post to this in conjunction with Blogfest last year that can be found here. […]

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