The Big Four Makes a Move to the East

 A few days ago it was announced that the Big Four would play a show at Yankee Stadium in New York on September 14. Tickets will be going on sale throughout the week. While I will not be attending due to expenses and traveling difficulties, I’m glad to see my heroes giving some love to the East Coast. I honestly wasn’t even offended when the members of Anthrax followed up the posting of the announcement with “Red Sox suck!” It makes sense that the show will take place in Anthrax’s home state as a show has already been played in the home state of the other three bands.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich had stated that there would be more Big Four shows throughout the country after performing in California. He took extra care to explain that there would only be a handful of shows regionally rather than a traditional cross-country tour. His reasoning behind this is similar to what he said when the west coast show was announced: that too many shows would make the coming together of all four bands less extraordinary.  I just hope that doesn’t mean that this will be the only East Coast show and that maybe if they come to Boston and I have the money, I can finally see The Big Four.



~ by metalosophy on May 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Big Four Makes a Move to the East”

  1. I think it’s cool the Big Four is moving around and giving more fans an opportunity to finally be a part of metal history. Judging by your post I take it you are from the Boston area? I grew up in New Hampshire. Depending on your age we may have been so some of the same shows (I’m 37). I saw Clash of The Titans back in 1990 at Great Woods (or whatever it’s called now). Most of the shows I got to see were somewhere in Mass.

    Anyway, I live in England now for a while and the Big Four will be playing at Sonisphere in July (near London). I would love to see it, but promoters have yet to release single day festival tickets. They are only still selling camping passes and I cannot ditch my wife that long to rock out. That just wouldn’t be cool. Well, if i get to see it I will review it at my blog and give you a play by play. I think the cool thing about the Sonisphere show is that Diamond Head is supposed to play that day as well. I wonder if the Big Four will cover Am I Evil with Diamond Head….the dudes who wrote the song.

  2. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend many shows in my lifetime. I finally get to go to Mayhem Fest this summer though! (Usually it’s during the time I go away for vacation with my family). I would’ve loved to have seen the Clash of the Titans tour.

    I hope you get to see the Big Four at Sonisphere! That would be quite the show. When I heard about Diamond Head making an appearance, I too wondered whether they would be invited on stage for “Am I Evil?”. Now THAT would be a metal moment!

  3. Is it just me, or has the Big 4 been making more European appearances than American ones. Not that I’m complaining, they’re hitting up Milan this summer and I’m looking forward to seeing that show(but damn, ticket prices are through the roof!!).
    That would be awesome to catch the “Am I Evil” Big 4 cover with Diamond Head, they’d have to be insane not to do that.
    Hopefully they do another East Coast show so you can catch it, Fenway is a big enough place to accommodate a show that size.

  4. I think it has a lot to do with logistics. After living in England for a little over two years I see what goes into a major festival like Download. Last year there were 111K people rocking out for three days. Its’s much easier to do that in Europe than America because it is so much easier to travel around to these shows in Europe. It would be nothing for me to drive out to Germany to catch Wacken….probably an 8 hour drive. In America I think there are only a handful of cities or locations that can pull off what is needed to support a festival style concert. Depending on where the show is, fans might have to drive more than one whole day to get there. In other areas the market might not be good enough to support the cost of putting on a festival. I think it’s all about location, location, location. Besides Europeans metalheads just love metal and will travel. The Big Four is coming to a festival 45 minutes away from me and I still can’t get single day tickets. I do know that if I do get to see the Big Four that is all I am going to see…and Diamond Head. There isn’t anyone else on the bill I want to see that day, plus the Friday show is usually a little shorter than the other two days. Beggars cant be choosers though, it’s metal history. I would love to see the show and have that ticket stub. In other news, I bought Iron Maiden tickets for August in London with Trivium opening…Holy Smoke! Can’t wait, first time for Maiden.

  5. I understand what you mean about location. From my experiences in Europe, it is different to travel around there than here in America.
    My friend just flew down to Florida for a weekend to see Maiden not too long ago. It was his first time too and he said it was the experience of a lifetime!

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