What I’m Most Excited For This Summer

Since I’m officially out for summer break I thought I would start it off by writing about what metal related happenings I’m looking forward to.

1. My First Mayhem Fest

This year, my sister and I will be joining some of our friends in attending our first Mayhem Festival. In fact, it’ll be our first music festival in general. I’m very excited to be seeing all of the bands even the ones whose music I don’t know too well. Of course, the biggest draw for me was Megadeth. They’re one of my favorite metal bands (which my loyal readers know about at this point) and I had to miss them when they came around with Slayer last summer. Since I won’t be able to attend the Big Four concert when they come to the East, I guess 1 out of 4 bands is not bad!

2. Def Leppard & Heart Summer Tour

I’m looking forward to seeing these two great bands from my mom’s younger years just as much as I am the newer ones at Mayhem. Neither of these bands have lost any of their talent over the years. I’ve always loved listening to each era of their respective catalogues. Def Leppard has written some great catchy songs and have overcome difficulties such as the loss of Drummer Rick Allen’s arm. The Wilson sisters are an inspiration for hard rocking women everywhere! It’s going to be a fantastic girls night out with my mom and my sister!

3. Zombie March VII

My first year for this too! I’ve decided that I will be attending as a zombified Sean Yseult (the bassist for White Zombie). See my previous post for more information on Zombie Marches.


~ by metalosophy on May 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “What I’m Most Excited For This Summer”

  1. You’ll have a great time at the Mayhem Fest. Machine Head is insane live, I’ve seen them about 5 times and every time they’re in top form and play flawlessly as well as Robb Flynn being a great frontman and really getting the crowd going. Megadeth is Megadeth and will always be awesome. And I’ve been hearing good things about the new In Flames such as their new album is supposed to be back on track to Colony quality, fingers crossed. The headliners, I’ll keep my opinions to myself on them :) The Def Leppard show looks like a great time too!!
    Good call on the zombie idea, might as well go as a white zombie to a zombie walk, lol.

  2. Yeah I figured the White Zombie idea fit the theme as well as the fact that Sean Yseult is one of my heroes!

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