Is American Idol Metal? Judas Priest Says Yes

Last night was the finale for the tenth season of American Idol. Millions tuned in to watch the event and learn who the next winner would be. I am not a fan of American Idol but my mother and sister are. Of course, once I heard Rob Halford’s voice singing “Living After Midnight” I immediately stopped what I was doing and joined them. Judas Priest also sang “Breaking the Law”. Both of these songs were done with the contestants, James Durbin. Earlier in the season Durbin had sang the band’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”. Although Durbin was pretty good there was no way he could outshine the metal god Halford.

To some heavy metal fans, this may be considered a sellout. However my view is that knowing how many people can be reached through the show, it was worth it for Judas Priest to do it. Not only that but it’s time that they started including more metal on mainstream shows instead of just the typical pop and country. As an added bonus for any Judas Priest fan, we got to see the first performance with Richie Faulkner who recently replaced K.K. Downing. Since I won’t be seeing them on their farewell tour, this is probably as good as I’m going to get. I have to give credit to the people at the show for being able to get Judas Priest for that reason. Who knows, maybe next season we’ll see Metallica take to the stage?

What do you think of Judas Priest’s decision to appear on American Idol?



~ by metalosophy on May 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “Is American Idol Metal? Judas Priest Says Yes”

  1. I agree 100%

  2. I think it’s pretty cool Judas Priest went on American Idol. At this point it’s impossible for the band to “sell-out”, they’ve been selling out stadiums for decades and I think it’s impossible for them to “sell-out”. They’re not changing their sound for anybody or bending to the will of record companies, that’s “selling out”. JP is just having some fun and it’s great exposure to some people who may have never heard them and wouldn’t necessarily have listened to them on their own.
    I say Durbin uses his AI fame to bring metal back to America, maybe start up a power metal band that can really showcase his singing abilities and prove to doubters that metal can be more than growling and evil stuff(which is still fine by me :) )
    Ya know what would be really cool, bring a band like Slayer for an AI performance, I’d love to see the audience reactions to that, lol.
    I never watched AI besides maybe stopping on it for a few minutes while channel surfing, and probably will never watch it, but I think it’s really cool their expanding past boring pop and bland country music songs.

  3. Seeing Slayer on AI would make my night but somehow I can’t see Kerry King agreeing to do something like that haha.

  4. I have checked out AI from time to time and when they finally get a metal band up there I totally miss it. I think Kerry King is more open to things than people give him credit. I mean he was in a Sum-41 video playing a guitar solo. Unless there was something i missed, like he lost a bet, I was surprised to see that. I don’t think the rest of the world is ready to see Slayer on primetime TV although I would think it would be cool.

    Maybe next season we can see Iron Maiden up there or Ozzy.

  5. The interesting thing about Sum 41 is that King is not the only metal musician that they have collaborated with. They have also worked with Judas Priest and Metallica. Before they became famous they had an “alter-ego” band that was an 80s style heavy metal band called Pain for Pleasure. When the Big Four performed in California not too long ago, they were backstage for it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Ozzy on AI sometime seeing how Sharon likes to take advantage of opportunities like that. There’s probably a good chance of seeing Iron Maiden too.

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