Metallica Wrap Up New Recordings… With Lou Reed!

Last week Metallica stated that they have completed the recording process for their latest album featuring the legendary Lou Reed. A few months earlier guitarist Kirk Hammett was quoted in Rolling Stone as saying that their next album would not be a 100% Metallica album. A release date has not yet been determined. The full announcement of this upcoming album can be found on Metallica’s official website.

Lou Reed was first known for his involvement in the Velvet Underground where he was guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter. He went on to have a great solo career as well. Reed first collaborated with Metallica in 2009 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 25th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden. It is after this performance together that talks of an album arose.

Although some may say it’s an unexpected pairing, I think it’s appropriate since many consider Lou Reed to be the godfather of punk which, in turn, influenced Metallica’s sound. I’m especially excited to hear it!


UPDATE 8/22: The album is titled “Lulu” and will be released on October 31st!


~ by metalosophy on June 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Metallica Wrap Up New Recordings… With Lou Reed!”

  1. Quick bragging story… Last month I was out at a pub I frequent with my wife often and we were talking to the owner when he got a call that said Lou Reed was going to be stopping in(he was in Milan doing a concert the following night), so naturally we hung out till he arrived. After a bit I went over and said hi and got an autograph(my camera on the phone sucks, so no pic), after a bit of fanboying and asking him how he likes it in Milan I asked about the Metallica collaberation and he said it’s “very rock and roll” and “not what your are going to expect”. I didn’t really push more because I didn’t want to be intrusive and said good bye and let him get back to his drinking. Was a cool and random encounter.

  2. That’s pretty cool! Too bad he couldn’t tell you more but I guess that’s understandable if they want to surprise people.

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