Heart and Def Leppard-Comcast Center in Mansfield MA

Last night I attended the Heart and Def Leppard Mirrorball Tour Concert with my sister and my mother. Although the place was not filled, there was a big audience. It was my first time seeing both bands live and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to! Both of these bands careers hit peaks in the ’80s but still continue to record new material. With two amazing sets they proved that they still have just as much energy as they did then. 

Heart first came to fame in the ’70s, waned in popularity in the early ’80s but then made an even bigger comeback later in the decade. Heart’s greatest hits include “Crazy On You”, “Magic Man”, “Barracuda”, “What About Love?”, and “Alone”. All of these songs were played in addition to others including the single “WTF” from their latest album, Red Velvet Car. Their encore song was a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “What Is And What Should Never Be”. What amazed me the most about their performance was that the Wilson sisters’ skills have not diminished in any way. Nancy can still play guitar better than most and Ann can still hit those amazing notes she is known for.

Def Leppard was formed in late ’70s and was quickly considered one of the leading bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Some of their most well known songs are “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak”, “Armageddon”, “Animal”, “Photograph”, “Rock of Ages”,”Love Bites”, “Rocket”, “Foolin'” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.  All of these were included in their set along some of their other hits and a David Essex cover. “Rock of Ages” was their encore. Although the band members may have been jumping around a little less than they may have back in the ’80s, they still put on a high energy show that had the whole audience singing along.

Perhaps what stuck with me most was the fact that there was a great range of ages when it came to audience members. Even those who were not as familiar with some of the bands’ material enjoyed themselves. It’s too bad that hard economic times prevented the venue from selling out. Heart and Def Leppard are truly two great bands that can be enjoyed by whole families.



~ by metalosophy on July 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “Heart and Def Leppard-Comcast Center in Mansfield MA”

  1. Melissa-

    Great review! I grew up with those of those bands and it’s great to hear they’ve still got it.

    I rather enjoy these blogs so keep up the good work!

    @Keefy \m/

  2. I’ve seen Def Leppard four times and I can honestly say this was the best of their concerts. While the sound was a bit off last time I saw them at Agganis Arena, last night was as close to perfect as can be. (If I remember correctly, I think Joe Elliott had throat issues during that tour I just mentioned). My only complaint was that the set list left nothing for the hard core fans to appreciate. They opened with a new song (which was good), but everything else was predictable. (Please, stop doing the “Rock On” cover…although that was my chance to hit the bathroom).

    I would have liked to see them do something from some of the completely ignored albums….maybe “Nine Lives”, “Promises”, “Tear it Down” or even something from the much underappreciated Slang album.

    Awesome show, though. Don’t want to sound like a complainer. Heart was also spectacular, especially “Crazy on You” and “Barracuda”.

    p.s. Pour Some Sugar on Me” was not their encore song – it was “Rock of Ages”

  3. The venue is a great place to see a show, I think it was called “Great Woods” back in my day…not to date myself or anything. I only saw Def Leppard once and it was back in 2009 at Download Festival in UK. It was pretty special to me because Def Leppard was my first ever declared “Favorite” band. I was 10 years old when Pyromania came out and I had the record. Oh man, yeah a record…vinyl and everything. I am glad they are still rocking and I hope to see them here in England before I have to leave. I am glad you had a good time and that venue in Mansfield is a nice place for a show…from what I remember. Last time I was there was to catch Megadeth and I think it was around 1998 give or take a year.

  4. The venue was better than I expected it to be. This year I’ll be seeing Megadeth as part of Mayhem Fest!

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