My “First” Mayhem Festival

So seeing how I was not able to see much due to the scorching temperatures (I’m talking triple digits here) I wouldn’t really call this a review. Instead, since I know some of you keep up with my posts, I will discuss what I experienced.

My sister and I arrived around 4 to see the band she wanted to, Suicide Silence. Since it was too hot to be close to other people we watched some of their set from a distance. When it came to the other bands like Unearth, In Flames and Machinehead we decided it would be better to sit where there was shade and just listen to them instead. Although I wasn’t able to “see” them, I thought they were very good (definitely loud) and I’m checking out more of their stuff. I was surprised that Machinehead and In Flames were not part of the main stage instead.

At the main stage our seats were fairly close. We were able to see the bands clearly except for if a member went to far to the left, they would be blocked by the towers of amps. Trivium was the first band to perform. My sister had to leave after Trivium played a few of their songs so I didn’t get to see their whole set. I don’t listen to them much but they had great energy! After them I was  finally able to see Megadeth! I had a great time singing along and really feeling like I was connecting to the rest of the audience. Unfortunately the heat proved to be too much for me as well and I was forced to leave before they finished their set. I was however able to hear them while waiting for my friend. We both decided to leave afterwards but were able to hear Godsmack tear it up for a few songs from out in the parking lot. I heard from my friend who did stay that the rest of the night was excellent.

Pic from my phone of Dave Mustaine!

Although I was not able to experience much I did learn some things (bring a full jug of water next time and maybe a towel) and finally got to see one of my favorite bands. The only thing I really regret is not being able to see Disturbed as they will most likely be breaking up (as read on Kerrang!) Next year I hope I can see all the bands and that it will not be in the triple digits…



~ by metalosophy on July 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “My “First” Mayhem Festival”

  1. That’s a bummer it was so hot. I have only been to festivals in England and the weather here is perfect for that. I can imagine you needed to budget for water that day. I am glad you enjoyed Megadeth. It’s never gets old for me to see them live. I am not surprised Machine Head was on the second stage. They have been inactive for a little while writing and recording a new album. So they will do this opening gig to remind people that they are alive and kicking. They are coming to England to headline in late Nov-Dec and I am sure they will be back in your neck of the woods headlining. Hopefully you can catch them headlining.

    Sorry you didn’t get to see the headliner play a full set. The weather can definitely take it’s tool at an all day festival. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you get to catch these bands when they come back around on their own.

    • It was true that we had to spend some money to keep ourselves hydrated. Thankfully we were allowed to bring some water with us into the venue but we should’ve brought more. I actually had to call out of work the next day because I was suffering from very mild heat exhaustion and didn’t want to risk anything. I plan on catching most of these bands when they return but it sounds like I may not get to see Disturbed.

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