Happy Rush Day!

2112 (album)
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In honor of Rush’s famous album 2112, today has been declared “Rush Day”. (Get it? Today’s February 2, 2012? 2-1-12?) Some are alternately referring to the day as “Prog Day” since the album is considered  one of the first progressive metal albums.

Although my mother introduced me to Rush songs coming from different albums, 2112 has always been my favorite. I always liked the fact that although it is a concept album, the “concept” part stayed mostly within the first part of the album. Once Ayn Rand was introduced to me in high school and I made the connection between the album and her novella Anthem, I became even more interested in it. I thought it was cool that Rush could turn a story written in the 1930s into a musical epic. It still sounds great over 30 years later.

Just think, in 100 years it will finally be the year 2112. Although I most likely won’t be around, I wonder what the world will be like then. Will it be anything like Rush portrays it? Either way, I hope people will still listen to Rush then.

Be sure to celebrate by listening to 2112 today!



~ by metalosophy on February 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Happy Rush Day!”

  1. Damn Europe and the switching of the day and month when writing the date. I missed this. I did listen to 2112 today in post celebration though.

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