Blogfest Day 2: My Communities

This post is part of Blogfest 2012 sponsored by my school. Everyday this week there will be a new post with a different theme. I did a similar post to this in conjunction with Blogfest last year that can be found here.

To me, community has a lot to do with working cooperatively with others. A good community consists of people who come from different backgrounds. These people work together to improve lives whether it be through sharing knowledge or introducing new experiences. There are two different communities I belong to that I find examples in:

1. BSU-Obviously since this is a school, the sharing of knowledge aspect is pretty well covered. I’ve also met a variety of people who always introduce me to new experiences of ways of thinking. The only thing that seems to hold BSU back from being a really great community is that these various groups don’t come together as much as they should. For instance, I work with a group (B.E.A.N. of Program Committee) which is responsible for putting together Open Mic Nights. While I enjoy the acoustic performers I hear each week, I wish we would have events where we feature different genres.

2. (Local) Music-As you’ve probably noticed by now, this is a huge part of my life. Hence why this blog is typically dedicated to metal music. Over the past few years I ‘ve been lucky enough to befriend some local musicians. The community is so great because I’ve interacted with musicians from different genres and they each have something that makes their sound unique. That being said, they don’t let their personal inclinations get in the way of respecting other musicians and learning something new. They all know what it’s like to try to make it in the music business so they are all supportive of each other regardless of background.

What makes the communities you’re a part of so great?



~ by metalosophy on March 20, 2012.

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