A Little Shameless Self-Promotion

Alright so I don’t know if it counts as “self-promotion” per se considering I’m referring to a blog I write for alongside others. I’m talking about A Metal State of Mind.

For any readers of mine who’ve taken a look at the other sites I’ve linked to you know about this awesome site. For those of you who don’t, I highly recommend you check it out now. About two weeks ago, two of my fellow metal bloggers asked if I’d like to join as a writer. Of course I said yes.

When it comes to my blog posts for A Metal State of Mind I will be focusing on the local New England metal scene and probably reviews of shows I attend (I haven’t completely decided yet). As for Metalosophy, I am most likely going to return to my original plan and talk about  metal in connection to other subjects (sort of like what I posted for Blogfest). Besides bringing you into another great site I figured I should give you readers a heads up about some of the changes that are happening with my blogging.

If local level metal isn’t your interest, don’t worry. The other guys on the site write a lot of great posts on a variety of topics and you should definitely look into them.

Hope to see you on both blogs!



~ by metalosophy on April 11, 2012.

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